Peggy Boales with the Council on Aging spoke to the club today, Tuesday, August 2nd.

She informed the club of the numerous entities the council is able to provide to the senior citizens of Ashland County. At the end of June, they have provided 3,566 onsite and 17,890 meals in the homes of seniors who need assistance; although, their resourcefulness is not limited to the meals that are made locally.

In addition, they provide transportation to any location, whether it is to a doctor’s appointment or even to a grocery store for shopping. The council is committed to providing resources not only to the senior, but also to their caregivers giving them the information needed to keep them in their homes as long as possible. Above and beyond the aforementioned entities; they assist in socialization with others by having entertainment at their office and fun trips that can be taken.

Peggy explained to apply for assistance you would need to contact their office and complete a short form that only has 11 questions. She continued by explaining there are no charges for their services, although donations are certainly welcomed. When you consider the many offerings and resources the Council on Aging is able to provide to Ashland’s seniors it truly makes its organization one of a kind.