Today's news of another devastating earthquake in Nepal unscores your board's decision last week to send another gift of $800 to Rotay District 6600 and  our partner organization, Shelter Box.  Thanks to a challenge grant from a Toledo business man our gift was matched with another $800 and a supporting grant from the District.  Watch video here.
Today, Sandra Tunell  and  Rob Ward will be giving an update on Main Street Ashland 2015.
Ev DeVaul sent an email to please thank the club for their sponsorship and those individuals that volunteered as greeters for us..for United Way's Ring in Spring this past Saturday, May 9th. 
Dennis Ragle has proposed Rodney Hopton, Superintendent at Mapleton Local Schools for membership.  Please give any comments to a board member.
Cloyd McNaull-Speaker
Historical Ashland