Dan Phillip, president and founder of Transformation Network spoke to the club on 11/08.  Phillip recalled the early days of the agency, starting in 1999, when there was no money but a strong motivation to help people, initially women on welfare. He learned quickly that the work is difficult, messy and hard to change people's lives.
Other lessons learned were in the social, workplace and education arenas. Statistics showed cultural and career changes resulting in a mismatch of jobs and skills that presented challenges Phillip wanted to meet. His mantra became, "Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity" to meet current needs and help people find their calling.

His program has developed into life and job skills training, pre-employment and entry-level training, machine training and temp-to-hire services for manufacturers in Ashland, Sandusky, Norwalk and Bucyrus, with all training being faith-based. The Network has placed more than 2,000 people into the workplace and has reduced job turnover rates by as little as 20 percent and as much as 90 percent. Savings to the state and taxpayers have been calculated at more than $7 million in prison recidivism rates and nearly $1 million by placing approximately 130 people on cash assistance into jobs, with a retention rate of nearly 65 percent.

The next goal for the Network is to renovate its present facility into an innovation and technology training and development center, targeting those in the age group who are 20 to 50 years old. It will continue to offer opportunity to all who seek to change their lives.