Happy New Year from MESA...Here's the update on what's going on.

Rotary District 6600
MESA News                             
January 2011


· Uniendo 2011 D6600 will be represented by 5 people going to David, Panama. On the way everyoneis looking to see the new Panama Canal. Later this month Panama City will begin construction of the first Subway in Central America.

· On January 29th and 30th 23 people will travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Clubs represented will be from Swanton, Findlay, Elyria, and Findlay Rotoract. Plans are to rehab Villanueva School.

· Clubs who are interested in doing an international project and who know what they would like to do but do not have a project should contact Bob Ruehl at Married@wcoil.com. In your email please relate whether you are interested in Education, Water, Disease Prevention, Hands on Work, or a multi-faceted activity. Clubs should indicate if they would like a partner and what expertise they have to offer if any. Bob Ruehl will attempt to find projects to fit your requests at Uniendo. You will receive a response by February 13th. International Service is one of Rotary's Avenues of Service, which form the foundation of club activity.

· Resource Centers International Read the News Letter here http://resourcecentersinternational.org/index.php?i=news

Mel Honig Swanton Rotary has recently returned from another successful trip to Belize. Rotarians Judy Riggle Oberlin Rotary and Jeff Gast Lima Rotary assisted with the new computers installation and the training of teachers. Their partner in these operations is Belmopan Rotary in Belize.

· HELP REQUESTED in Acquiring Medicines for OUR Medical Mission of Health, Hunger And Humanitarian effort in Merendon Honduras. WE need unexpired meds with at least 3 months before expiration. WHAT WE NEED--- Tooth brushes, Tooth paste, Medicines in General... · Alpha blockers (for the prostate) · nitrofurantoina 100 mg (urinary tract infections), · oral and skin application anti fungus (fluconazole), · vitamins for adults and children, · anti intestinal parasites for adults and children (albendazole), · anti allergic, for skin use and inhalers, · bronchus dilating inhalers (respiratory diseases), (ibuprofen ,acetaminophen) analgesics, · Antibiotics for children and adults. · Antibiotics such as cephalexin, dicloxicilina, azithromycin, · Vaginal antibiotic creams, · Shampoo for lice It is our intention to take those meds contributed in our suitcases to Honduras when we travel. Our request is to have the meds get to our Findlay warehouse by January 20th. Perhaps your doctor has samples ot these or others not listed which they could contribute.

The best bet is to bring them to the next MESA Meeting on the 11th of Jan in Findlay at 4PM Reinecke Ford.

Bob Ruehl