This week we'll back at the Heritage Room where we'll hear from a local guy, Dave James, who is leveraging micro-enterprise in Cambodia. He's creating entrepreneurship with the poorest of the poor.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Funnel Cake Booth. There's just a couple slots left, please click on the link to the left if you'd like to check out open times.


Happy Labor Day!  We can credit and give a hat tip to Matthew Maguire, who in 1882 worked to bring about what we observe on the first Monday of every September -Labor Day.  Although its impact has changed as unions have changed and this annual ritual has become, in more modern times, the marking of the end of summer vacation.  Hope your weekend has been great.

Seems only fitting that Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty helps to remind us to celebrate the economics of all who work hard.  So take a few moments this weekend to equally “nap hard”.  Be safe!  Blessings!


Direct link: Duck Dynasty - Work Hard, Nap Hard