This week's meeting speaker was Mr. Evan Scurti.  He was introduced by Program Chair Dennis Miller.  Scurti is the Ashland Area Development Director. His program was an overview of where we are in development in Ashland and the surrounding area.  
He spoke of considerable progress in local community development in the last few years and what we must do become even more viable for expansion of existing companies, startups of new ones and attraction of existing companies to our area.
One change that we must adjust to is increased involvement of those who are already here.  Scurti’s comment was, “All require community.”  He told of companies which are relatively new to Ashland meeting with potential newcomers to discuss making a move to Ashland.
In answer to a question about what our assets are as a community, Scurti listed location, infastructure and quality of life as advantages.  
Research is showing that a need which must be addressed if communities are to continue to grow is the possible shortage of skilled workers 20 years in the future.  We are fortunate to have a Career Center and a fairly local Junior College to help fill that need.